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Our proprietary information gives you unprecedented access to water buying and selling trends and patterns. Supply chain breakouts. Innovative financing techniques. Converging factors that have already fundamentally changed the way water is supplied. Don’t be caught unaware, contact us now.

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Wisdom for Water

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Water is big business – We track buying and selling.

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With increasing exposure to water risk, hedge against uncertainty.

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Texas Water Exchange exists to help you manage your water assets and to market water where it’s needed most.

  • Thousands of contracts
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  • Supply and Rights transactions

Market Characteristics

  • When you list as a buyer, you gain access to the most current and independent data on the water market in Texas.
  • We provide you a platform to ask your price and negotiate with potential buyers until both sides are satisfied.
  • Gain access to our exclusive analytics. Everything you need to navigate in the modern age of water competition. Our guarantee: it’s the best data in town.

Resilient Water

More than ever before, we need to do a better job of tracking the business of water. Our children’s future depends on it.Anastasia Valdes – CEO

Water Sector

Most of us pay our water bill every month and don’t think too much about the business of water supply. Learn more about the water sector . //read more