A data analytics and technology company focused on national water resources.

Intoducing WaterNinja, a powerfulfriendlyreliable water resource tool.


Water Markets LLC Data

Water Rights

Location and background on local water rights


All the data in one place

Water Transactions

Market prices and water transaction details

Water Market Knowledge

Exclusive insight into water markets


Conforms to a standard model

Research & Analysis

Market research and analysis

Data Processing

Water data processing and wrangling

Proprietary Sources

Proprietary and public data sources

and more...

We collect and maintain more water ownership and transaction data than anyone else. We add new data all the time, and have the ability to expand into client-requested locations.

We currently have water ownership data for 24 states and growing. Proprietary and public data sources. Our footprint covers 2.1 million square miles and 274 million crop acres.

WaterNinja is a water data website focused on national water resources. We’ve created a standard model to simplify water data throughout the United States. Our services deliver transparent access to water data, water rights and water market activity.

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